Welcome at Coffee & Jazz, Indonesian restaurant in Amsterdam

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Coffee & Jazz, different than all other Indonesian restaurants

Coffee & Jazz in de Utrechtsestraat in AmsterdamCoffee & Jazz is a nice place to be. Very cosy, very different than any other Indonesian restaurant in our country, with very good food. We cook traditional.

Unfortunately Coffee & Jazz gets many negative reviews. Not about the food, but about our prices.
We think that this is not very honest, because our prices are not higher than prices in other Indonesian restaurants in Amsterdam and Holland, but the food is better.

NOT a budget restaurant, Lonely Planet Guide is wrong!

We think it is because of the ambiance that looks very homy, that people expect that we are a cheap restaurant. And an other reason might be what people read in Lonely Planet Guides. According to Lonely Planet we are a low budget place. But this is not true.
Therefore people think they are mislead. We will contact Lonely Planet, and ask them to change this review.

Judge for yourself

For over 27 years we run Coffee & Jazz now with great success and we have a lot of publicity all over the world.
Our food is TOP BUT NOT CHEAP, and our approach is also different.

You like it, or you don’t like it. It’s up to you. Come and judge for yourself, but don´t expect us to be a budget restaurant!

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